green Flag


GREEN FLAG 2016 This year we are working on our third Green Flag, the theme of which is WATER. We have already put a lot of effort into starting work for this flag e.g. reading the water meter each month, appointing “Water Watchers” to ensure all taps are turned off in the classrooms and by placing a one litre bottle in the cistern of each toilet to decrease the amount of water used when the toilets are flushed. We will continue working on this flag for the next two years (‘16/’17 and ‘17/’18) with the hope of being awarded our third Green Flag in May 2018. Our Green Flag committee consists of pupils from first class up to sixth class. The committee members are as follows: First class: Caoimhe Murphy and James Taylor Second class: Daniel O’ Dwyer and Camilla Sloane Third class: Abbey Fitzmaurice and Gerard Vaughan Fourth class: Jamie Fogarty and Paul Bowles Fifth class: Shane Cronin, Ella Taylor and Leah Hennessy Sixth class: Éabha O’ Riordan and Stella Baldassini To promote awareness of water conservation around the school, we recently held a poster campaign where pupils were asked to design a poster with a catchy slogan based upon the theme. The overall winner was Mícheál Lynch from third class with his slogan “Slow the flow, Save H20”. His winning poster is now displayed on our Green Flag noticeboard, along with lots of other information on the work we are doing for the Water flag, while also continuing to work on our two previous flags: 1)Litter and Waste and 2)Energy. As we continue to work on the theme of Water, any relevant news and pictures re the Green Flag will be posted on our website. Audrey O’ Sullivan – Green Schools Co-Ordinator

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